Co-financing Publications of Slovenian Authors in Foreign Languages

Subsidies by Slovenian Book Agency and Trubar Foundation


The Slovenian Book Agency ( JAK) is a government institution founded in 2009 that deals with all actors in the book publishing chain, from authors to publishers and readers. The main form of international promotion is the co-financing of translations from Slovenian into other languages. JAK annually publishes call for applications for co-financing translations of Slovenian authors’ books into other languages, including adult fiction, children’s and young adult fiction, and essayistic and critical works on culture and the humanities, theatrical plays and comics.
Applicants can be publishing houses, theatres, and individual translators. In each case, a contract is concluded with the translator, and therefore all funding goes directly to him or her.


The Trubar Foundation is a joint venture of the Slovene Writers’ Association, Slovenian PEN and the Center for Slovenian Literature. Foreign publishers can apply for subsidies to publish Slovene works in their native languages. The Trubar Foundation contributes up to 50% of printing costs. The Board will consider all applications for works of fiction, poetry, drama or literary essays, providing the originals are written in Slovene. They convene at least twice a year, usually in April and October and applications can be sent at anytime. The Board advises applicants to submit their applications in Slovene or English, in written form, by post.


Address for applications:
Slovene Writers’ Association for the Trubar Foundation
Tomšičeva 12, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia