Tadej Golob

Tadej Golob, born 1967 in Maribor, is one of the most unique Slovene authors with a thematically very diverse scope of works. He first presented himself as a writer with the book Z Everesta (From Everest, 2000) where he describes Davo Karničar’s skiing from the highest mountain of the world, a mountain that the writer also ascended. He has written biographies of Peter Vilfan (2004), Zoran Predin (2009), Goran Dragic (2015), and Milena Zupančič (2018), and young adult novels Zlati zob (Golden Tooth) (2011) and Kam je izginila Brina? (Where Did Brina Disappear To?, 2013). His novels for adults include Svinjske nogice (Pig’s Feet, 2009) – won the 2010 Kresnik Award for best Slovene novel, Ali boma ye! (2013), Jezero (The Lake, 2016) – finalist for the 2017 Kresnik Award, his first crime novel that became a bestseller in Slovenia and was followed in 2018 by Leninov Park (Lenin Park) the second novel of what is becoming a series about his fictional detective character Inspector Taras Birsa.

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Tadej Golob: The Lake
Tadej Golob: The Lake

The Lake is a crime novel which has shifted the boundaries of popular fiction writing within the Slovene literary scene, managed to intrigue a wide reading audience and unify literary critics in the verdict that this is a well thought out and extremely skilfully written story. Further proof of this are the three reprints of the book within a short time after it was first published in November 2016. The novel is set in recognizable Slovenian surroundings, the tourist surroundings of Lake Bohinj and the daily routine of the capital, Ljubljana. The protagonist is a model family man and detective with quite a reputation in his field. He is also a former mountaineer, a sworn recreational sportsman who is sometimes secretive, sometime impulsive, but always thoughtful and amusing.