Jerko Bakotin

Jerko Bakotin, born in 1984, Split, Croatia. Graduated in Sociology and Comparative Literature at Zagreb University. Between 2008 and 2011 worked as a full-time journalist in the Zagreb office of political daily Novi list. Since 2011 freelance journalist, writing mostly for the political weekly of Croatia’s Serb minority Novosti, the Internet portals kulturpunkt and Lupiga, as well as other media. Published literary critiques, essays, reviews and travelogues in culture magazines such as Zarez and Quorum, as well as for Croatian Radio. Also wrote for the German media, such are Neues Deutschland and Deutsche Welle. Made a number of radio-documentaries about various countries.

At the moment completing extensive television project on Kurdish history and Middle East, of which he is co-author. The series will be aired on Croatian Public Broadcaster (HRT) in 2018. Also working on the literary travelogue book on Kurdistan, as well as completing specialized M.A. degree in sociology of conflict at the University of Potsdam, Germany.