Jasna Šamić

Jasna Šamić was born in Sarajevo, where she graduated from elementary school and high school – Sarajevo High school -lyceum- and Conservatory – School of music, and from theUniversity of Sarajevo, where she studied oriental languages and literatures,Turkish, Arabic and Persian; also University of Sarajevo: Third Cycle or Post-graduated Thesis in General Linguistics and Turkology, PHD degree at The Faculty of Philosophy of Sarajevo in 1977; at the University of Paris -Sorbonne Nouvelle, she did the Thesis of National Doctorate (Doctorat d’ Etatès Lettres) in 1984, on Sufism and History. Professor of Oriental Literatures at the University of Sarajevo, (expelled from the Faculty in 1992 without reason), Director of Research associated to the CNRS (French National Centre of Research) in 1992, Professor of Languages, Literatures, History and Civilisation of the Balkans at the University Marc Bloch of Strasbourg, collaborated with French radio programs: Radio France Internationale, and France Culture. Member of The Asian Society (Société asiatique), Paris, from 1984, Member of the Union of Writers of Bosnia, from 1974, Member of the international PEN Club, France from 2017 and Bosnia and Herzegovina from 2006, Member of the Union of Writers of France, from 1996. She collaborated at revues in former Yugoslavia and Europe and participated at International Conferences in a number of cities in the world. She gave Lectures at many Universities of former Yugoslavia and Europe. Director of a literary review Književna sehara (www.balkan-sehara.com)
Author of many books (poetry, novels, essays…), published in French and in Bosnian, she wrote also a philosophy essai about Sufism, published by Plima, Cetinje, 2010, and Buybook, Sarajevo, 2014.

Jasna Šamić is a winner of the Stendhal French Literary Prize (Lauréate du programme Missions Stendhal) in 2008, of the Gauchez-Pillippot 2014, Fundations of Bosnian Publishers.
Since 1977, Jasna Šamić has been living between Sarajevo and Paris.