Ivan Shopov

Ivan Shopov was born in Skopje, Macedonia, on July 25, 1987 and studied General and Comparative Literature at the “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” University in his hometown.

His first book, Azbukaizalutanizapisi [An Alphabet and Notes Gone Astray] – a dyptichally structured cycle of 62 short stories, 4 poems and a newspaper collage – won him the “Novite” Award for best debut fiction in 2010. He followed the success with Meshenagodinata [Belly of the Year], a collection of neo-surrealistic prose poems described as “remarkable” and “inaugural… of new words and sensibilities” by VladaUrošević, presumably Macedonia’s leading modernist. Most recently, he published a flash fiction booklet, 091 – antirazglednici od Skopje[091 –Anti-Postcards from Skopje, 2017], a lyrical commentary on the controversial architectural remodelling of Macedonia’s capital. His fourth book, a selection of satirical news stories published pseudonymously during the previous few years at okno.mk – Macedonia’s preeminent online (alt-)cultureresource –  The chronicles of ArslanNovinarski is published in 2018. In addition to writing for okno.mk, between the years of 2012 and 2018, Shopov also worked as a contributing editor for the website, translating and proofreading numerous essays, poems, and short stories by authors as diverse as Kiš, Orwell, Beckett, Ginsberg, Dragojević, Dentchev, Popov, etc.

During the same period, he was also a senior editor at the “Templum” publishing house, for which he has so far translated four booksand edited many others (see bibliography)

Shopov’spoems and stories have been translated into English, Serbian, Croatian, Albanian, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Czech, Romanian and German. He is member of the Board of the “AnOther Story” literary festival and has moderated the “Nights Without Punctuation” multimedia artistic event at the Struga Poetry Evenings.

Shopovhas participated in few other literary festivals (in Serbia, Romania, and Croatia) and has been previously selected as writer-in-residence in both Sophia (October 2017) and Pazin (March 2018).