Ilija Đurović

Ilija Đurović (Podgorica, Montenegro, 1990) has been writing short stories, poetry, plays and film scripts. His stories have been published in Montenegrin and regional literary magazines, both online and in print, and have appeared in the following anthologies: Vranac – Best short stories of 2010 (Podgorica, 2010), A Sea of Words (Barcelona, 2010, 2011) and Dosta je bilo priče (Kotor and Dubrovnik, 2011). His first collection of short stories, “Oni to tako divno rade u velikim ljubavnim romanima”, was published by the independent press Žute kornjače (Podgorica) in 2014. His short story “The Five Widows,” translated by Will Firth, was published by Dalkey Archive Press in its anthology Best European Fiction 2016 (London, November 2015, His second collection of short stories “Crne ribe” (Žuta kornjača, 2016) was among finalists for the “Edo Budiša Prize” for best collection of short stories published in 2017 in a region of former Yugoslavia.
Manuscript of his first poetry collection won the first prize on a Serbian competition for best unpublished manuscripts from a region of former Yugoslavia. As a result of the competition his first poetry collection under the title “Brid” will be published by the publishing house “Treći Trg” from Belgrade, Serbia.
One of his plays, “Sobe” (English: The Rooms) was staged this summer in Montenegro as part of the production of an independent alternative theatre company “Prazan proctor”. Theater show was well accepted by the audience and critics.
During 2020 his first novel will be published. At the moment he is working on several film projects with different directors from Montenegro, Germany and Check Republic. He is also writing a second novel. He is living in Berlin as a freelance writer.