Emina Žuna

Emina Žuna was born in Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 1981.

She has published short stories and essays in electronic and printed magazines in BH and the neighbouring countries. A few of her short stories and drama pieces have been adapted and broadcast on national radio. She has co-authored several books and contributed to edited volumes.

Her first novel titled Linija života (Lifeline), supported by the Publishing Foundation of FBiH, was published in 2016. In 2017, the novel was listed for two regional literary prizes: “Mirko Kovač” and “Meša Selimović”. Her short stories have won prizes and recognition: Bejahad 2008, Radio Federacije 2002, Avlija 2013… Her second novel titled Čovjek iz budućnosti (The Man from the Future) is in the final stages of the publishing process.

She holds undergraduate degrees in psychology (2005) and comparative literature and librarianship (2006) from the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo, and has earned a master’s in European culture and literature at Strasbourg, Bologna and Thessaloniki (2011).

She is a member of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian PEN centre.

She works as a psychologist and freelance columnist and journalist. She regularly publishes journalistic and opinion pieces on several web portals in the country.