Dijana Matković

Dijana Matković (1984) is Slovene author, translator, journalist and editor with a degree in comparative literature. In 2013 she published her first book, a short short story collection titled In the Name of the Father (V imenu očeta, Goga, 2016) and is currently working on her book of essays and novel. She established and edited Airbeletrina and Državljanska odgovornost (Civil responsibility). She is an editor and translator of »Antologija tesnobe« (Anthology of Anxiety, LUD Literatura, 2016), a book about anxiety which contains essays written by Slovenian and other ex-Yu writers and an editor of »Antologija svetlobe« (Anthology of Light). As a journalist and author, she writes or was writing for Delo, Dnevnik, Mladina, Literatura, Le Monde Diplomatique, Pogledi, Airbeletrina and others. She organizes public conversations and tribunes about media, culture and society and translates authors Danilo Kiš, Andrej Nikolaidis, Ognjen Spahić and many others.