Azem Deliu

Azem Deliu was born in January 1996 in Skënderaj, Kosovo. In high school he graduated one year earlier than his peers. During his studies of Albanian Literature (University of Prishtina), he was honored with the high university award ʺDistinguished Student“ for his first poetry volume “The Funeral of Rain” (Onufri, Tirana, 2013). His great success was the novel ʺThe Illegal Kisser“ (Onufri, Tirana, 2016) which, besides being a national bestseller, has already been translated into English. Interest for the author is also growing in other countries. French press has called him ʺthe great author of the small country“ and ʺthe new star of European literatureʺ. ʺThe Illegal Kisser“, his first novel, is also his international debut at the age of 21.