Reading Balkans Residency 2020 – Open Call Results

Reading Balkans: Borders vs. Frontiers

Open Call – Results

Literary Residence Program

Reading Balkans Residency

The Reading Balkans Board received 101 application for this call.  21 applicants were selected.

The selected applicants for residency Goga (Novo mesto) are:

  • Ferida Duraković
  • Faruk Šehić
  • Petar Andonovski

The selected applicants for residency Krokodil (Beograd) are:

  • Senka Marić
  • Dinko Kreho
  • Iztok Vrenčur

The selected applicants for residency Goten (Skopje) are:

  • Maja Solar
  • Nikola Boykov
  • Mirana Likar Bajželj

The selected applicants for residency Udruga Kurs (Split) are:

  • Nikolina Andova Šopova
  • Flogerta Krypi
  • Stanka Hrastelj

The selected applicants for residency Poeteka (Tirana) are:

  • Marija Dragnić
  • Augustin Cupsa
  • Natasha Sardzoska

The selected applicants for residency Qendra Multimedia (Prishtina) are:

  • Jasna Jasna Žmak
  • Jean-Lorin Sterian   
  • Zlatko Paković

The selected applicants for residency PEN BIH (Sarajevo) are:

  • Jasmina Topić
  • Luiza Bouharaoua
  • Vladimir Arsenić

We thank all applicants for the interest they have shown and the time and effort they have invested in preparing their application.

Reading Balkans Board

Andriy Lyubka

Andriy Lyubka

Andriy Lyubka, born 1987 in Riga, is a Ukrainian poet, writer and essayist. He graduated from the Mukachevo Military School and went on to study Ukrainian Philology at Uzhhorod National University and Balkan Studies at the University of Warsaw. His books of poetry include Eight Months of Schizophrenia (2007), Terrorism (2009) and 40 Dollars Plus the Tips (2012). He has also published a collection of short stories, The Killer (2012), a German translation of one of his poetry collections, Notaufname (2012), a book of essays Sleeping with Women (2014), and a novel Karbid (2015), which was short-listed in the final selection of the Book of the Year by BBC Ukraine. Its Polish translation was short-listed for the Angelus Central-European Literary Award in 2017. His recent works include a collection of short stories The Room for Sadness (2016), a book of essays Saudade (2017) and the novel Your Gaze, Cio-Cio-san (2018).

He is the winner of the Debut Award (2007), Kyiv Laurels (2011), recently he received literary award of Kovalev Foundation literary prize in the USA and the Shevelov Prize for the best book of essays of 2017 in Ukraine. Lyubka also translates from Polish, Croatian, Serbian, English and is the curator of two international poetry festivals.

Ilija Đurović

Ilija Đurović

Ilija Đurović, born 1990 in Podgorica, writes short stories, poetry, plays and film scripts. His first collection of short stories, Oni to tako divno rade u velikim ljubavnim romanima, was published in 2014. His short story The Five Widows, translated by Will Firth, was published by Dalkey Archive Press in its anthology Best European Fiction 2016. His second collection of short stories Crne ribe (2016) was one of the 2017 finalists for the Istrian literary award ‘Edo Budiša Prize’ for best collection of short stories published in the region of the former Yugoslavia.The manuscript of his first poetry collection brought him the top prize at a Serbian competition for best unpublished manuscripts from the region. As a result of the competition his first poetry collection Brid was published in 2018. He is currently preparing for the publication of his first novel. He lives in Berlin.